Q: How Can I Check My Account at Simply Savvy?

LOG IN: www.myresaleweb.com 
SELECT: Wisconsin
SELECT: Simply Savvy 
ENTER: Consigner ID #
ENTER: Last Name
ORANGE TABS: View Items to see list, price & dates.

Q: When and How are Payouts Done at Simply Savvy?

Yeeeessss, credit!!!  Anytime you have credit on your account you can get paid out at the front register with your ID, shop at Simply Savvy, or a combination of both during all open hours!  Account balances over $500 will be mailed to you within 15 business days of request.

Q: Can I Pick Up Available Items at the End of my Consignment Period?

Absolutely!  When you log into your account you will see the In & End Dates.  End dates will be on a Tuesday. Please come in THAT Tuesday through Saturday to pick up items that are available.  Please allow time to locate your items and bring a bag for them.  They will expire off of your account after that week.

Q: How Do I Pick Up Available Items at Simply Savvy?

Print your available list off the myresaleweb, grab your bag and come on in during your pick up week of Tuesday through Saturday.  Please allow time to locate your items and have them checked out by the lovely consigner working.  If you will be gone during your pick up week you can have a friend pick up for you.  Please call and let us know who you are sending in as we will check their ID too….please note….they will still need to locate the items off your list and have them processed out.  We are Soooo organized it is a cinch 🙂

Q: How should I bring my items into Simply Savvy?

Please freshly Launder all Clothing and leave on hangers.  We will give hangers back as we select items. Items New With Tags simply leave on hangers for us to look through.  We cannot accept items from smoking households.  For large items that are not easy to bring in, email us pictures with dimensions and any important details.  simplysavvyconsign@gmail.com

Q: What Happens If I Don’t Pick Up Items and They Expire?

Items that expire off of your account become property of Simply Savvy to sell or donate.  We send out donation reports at the end of the year. It’s up to you and your tax professional how to use that info.